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Day 1 – Fiji Island Hopping Adventures | 7 Figure Skier

Day 1 – Fiji Island Hopping Adventures

Day 1 – Fiji Island Hopping Adventures

So day 1 in Fiji on our little island hopping adventures…

We finish our 18 odd hour flight from Dallas, Texas with no real sleep,
Get to our boat at the last minute all just booked and ready to go first stop is
‘Barefoot’ island resort.

We were greeted by friendly and entertaining people. Singing and welcoming us on the Beach when we arrived.

Apparently it’s rainy season so it was pissing it down with rain most of the day!
But we had fun, checked out the place, met some cool people went swimming in the
Crystal clear shallow water, recovered from our sleep deficit and had kermit
crab races!

We hung out with a cool dive instructor from Australia and we are going diving Saturday morning straight after breakfast before catching out 11am boat to the next island.

Lesley Scuba Dive

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